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Stoney Creek Church of Christ Auditorium

Preach the Word

Christ looked upon the fields of harvest and said, "Pray for workers." Will you answer the Lord's call?

Training Men of the Book

Our mission is simple: "Further the cause of developing excellent & sound preachers in the churches of Christ by training men of the Book."

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Christian Development 

Like No Other

We offer students a broad, Biblical foundation. Students are trained by sound Gospel preachers who instruct general Bible knowledge, apologetic studies, preacher development, brotherhood publication writing, and practicing written & digital evangelism within our own TV/Radio Studio. We provide students ample opportunitiesavenues to grow.

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We desire to see Christians who hunger and thirst for for knowledge, righteousness, and a home in God's family. TCSOPCD is the perfect place for you and your family's future.

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